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Reid's Residential Roofing offers the best solutions for adding lights from the sun to your home.

Reid's residential roofing offers competitive pricing with out the shortcuts, we pride ourselves on top quality sun tunnel and skylight installations.

We offer many different options when it comes to letting the light shine in your home. Every room in your home deserves to be filled with natural light—even those in the center of your home.
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    Sun Tunnel Installations

    Makes a great addition to any home that is in desperate need of sunlight. Whether you own a pitched roof or a flat roof, you can install a sun tunnel in your home without any problem.

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    Sky Light Installations

    These are some of the very few home improvements that give you the chance to upgrade both the interior and the exterior of your home at the same time. As such, they can make your home very attractive to potential buyers and can dramatically increase the home's value.


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Benefits of Sun Tunnel and Skylight Services

Getting repairs to your house and property can ....

  • Good Investment (ROI)
  • Increase Energy Savings
  • Improved Feeling of Stability
  • Ensures Long Term Safety
  • Improves the Homes Curb Appeal
  • Maintain your home’s structural integrity
  • Stress Reduction
  • Better for your health - No more mold etc

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