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Our Business is Established & Continues to Be Tightly Connected with our Local Communities Since 2015.

Reid’s Residential Roofing uses a wide selection of products, we will take the time and go through all products, colors, and options available to make sure every customer gets exactly what they want with the quality they deserve.

Our Process

Inspection And Evaluation

Inspection And Evaluation

Step 1

We start by taking your current information, we then set a time and date to have either Tim or Jeff come out and inspect your roof and let you know if it’s time to repair, change, or possibly give you the life expectancy of your current shingles maybe it would be time to do a roof tune-up. Which would possibly extend the life of your current roof. If it is time to change we would then measure your roof to find exact material counts, we will also take the time to inspect your home making sure if any adjustments to ventilation, flashing, plywood, etc need to take place during the roofing project. After the roof has been inspected Tim or Jeff will then walk around to make sure any breakables, lawn furniture, or interlocking should have extra care when the crew comes to complete the roof.

Present Assessment

Present Assessment

Step 2

Tim or Jeff will then sit down with the customer and discuss what they have come across during inspection and measurement. After discussing what they think does or does not need to be done, they will then go over materials, colors, timing, discounts, and finally the quote itself.

Setting The Timeline

Setting The Timeline

Step 3

Once the customer has chosen to go with Reid’s Residential Roofing, they will set a time and date for the roofing project to be completed.

Bring In The Equipment

Bring In The Equipment

Step 4

When the date has reached, the crew along with the owner, Jeff will be there with all their equipment, which includes a rolling trailer bin for disposal. We use this to ensure the bin doesn’t damage the property and will be removed the minute the job is complete.

Check Surroundings

Check Surroundings

Step 5

The crew then looks over the project sheet and covers and moves any items under the roofline that has the potential to be damaged or marked.


Safety Is Always First

Step 6

The crew gets all safety gear on and starts the project, safety is very important at Reid’s Residential Roofing, we care for each worker as if they were family. From start to finish the crew works constantly, carefully, and takes their time to ensure a perfect install of your roof.

Clean up and Hand Off

Clean Up And Hand Off

Step 7

After the roof is complete all eaves and ground work will be cleared up as if it had never been there. The crew will magnet sweep and use a leaf blower to ensure a perfect ground clean-up.

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