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Reid's Residential Roofing offers the best solutions for your roof.

Reid's residential roofing offers competitive pricing without the shortcuts, we pride ourselves on top-quality installations, every roof is installed or inspected by a Reid.

Reid's residential offers many services to help ensure we have you covered.

Re-roofing pitched residential roofing (metal roofing, architectural shingles metal/ asphalt, and fiberglass.

Reid's residential offers residential and commercial flat roofing, we master in:

  • 1


    Rubber which is completely weather-resistant and UV-resistant.

  • 2

    TPO -2

    A heat-weldable single-ply roofing that can be either mechanically attached.

  • 3

    ply SBS modified bitumen

    Asphalt is modified to form a polymer network inside the bitumen. SBS stands for styrene butadiene styrene and gives the bitumen a rubber-like characteristic.

  • 4

    Tar and Gravel Removal

    A tar removal service where a tar shovel shaves off tar from the roof membrane.

  • 5

    Re -ply / Insulate

    The roof is re-covered and new insulation may be applied to the roof.


Water getting in your home costing thousands in damage, your next call should be to Reid's Residential Roofing. Let the professionals put your mind at ease. We have you covered.

Benefits of our Services

Getting a new roof and re-roofing your home.

  • Good Investment (ROI)
  • Increase Energy Savings
  • Improved Feeling of Stability
  • Ensures Long Term Safety
  • Improves the Homes Curb Appeal
  • Maintain your home‚Äôs structural integrity
  • Stress Reduction
  • Better for your health - No more mold etc

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